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About Us

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Melissa Agnoletti is a company that firmly believes in team spirit and that boasts a real family feeling of belonging.

Our Brand, whom we manufacture Bags, Accessories and T-shirts under, we select both Italian and foreign Brands from Milan, London and Paris.

Our co-founders Melissa Agnoletti and Fabrizio Gasperini have been surrounded by 6 other members, each having a specific and defined role.

Melissa and Fabrizio: Owners, Art Directors, Man/Woman Concept Stores Managers, Researchers, Brand Developers, Trend Seekers.

Gloria and Francesco: Salespeople.

Eva and Patrizia: Customer Service Managers.

Cristian: Web Designer, Web Marketer, SEO, Social Media Manager.

Giacomo and Eugenio: Photographers and Set Designers.

We have adopted a new idea of selling fashion products; we define ourselves as a Concept Store, a quite different idea from the traditional shop. We aim to grant our Customers a wide range of Products, Brands and Artisan Manufactures together with our Expertise in harmonizing the whole Offer.

Entering a Melissa Agnoletti’s Concept Store you experience an Emotional Voyage through Fashion and Style, all surrounded by beauty and kindness.

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