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Feel your style: Find out new Woman, Man and Child Fashion Trends by Melissa Agnoletti!

Melissa Agnoletti brand exists thanks to a team of eleven people’s effort and creativity, totally dedicated to pursuing the same goal: to communicate emotions and to express feelings through new fashion items proposals. Each cloth and accessory is selected with the greatest care and attention, taking a cue from the most important worldwide trends and adding a touch of real Italian uniqueness. Products are singled out unexpectedly and tastefully to achieve the best originality.

Melissa Agnoletti encloses a harmonic variety of international brands and Italian artisanal creations. In addition, we manufacture bags, accessories and some apparel; T-shirts are the actual forte, decorated with creative and expressive prints whose motif is the result of a re-elaboration of the latest trends signed by our designers.

We are driven by a constant curiosity. Surfing our website is the closest experience to a journey through the most fashionable discoveries of the moment. On our website you can find the latest trends from Milan, London, Paris and Northern Europe.

Melissa Agnoletti brand was born on the 17th May 2010 thanks to Melissa Agnoletti and Fabrizio Gasperini 's talent, united in Love as well as in Style and Fashion Design. Over time, the strong passion and intuition has been melted with a great team spirit that allowed the brand to become both remarkable and accessible to the Italian and international fashion world. Our Brand has now three fashion lines: Woman, Man and Child. We are based in Pesaro with two Concept Stores in the historical and evocative city center where we strive to give our customer a full experience of kindness, pure beauty and friendliness. Pesaro is known as the composer Gioacchino Rossini’s hometown; as his most famous work states “Largo al factotum della città!”, make way for the factotum of the city, we aim to satisfy all of our clients’ requests.

Melissa and Fabrizio use to travel all over Europe in order to offer their customers a synthesis of the most appreciate trends. “We want to get lost in European capitals’ streets, feel the vibrations, a city’s good vibes and soul. Paris inspired us with its chic style and wrapped our hearts in its laces and crochets; we have selected products that work together to the creation of a romantic look. London is more independent and self-confident, everything merges in straight silhouettes and the emotional touch is expressed through micro and macro patterns. Berlin is perfect for who is keen on an underground and street style, 24 Colours is our major supplier reflecting a rebel instinct.

Spain is joy, colour but at the same time order; we have particularly appreciated the brands Sonata and Tantrend. And finally Italy, an endless love which is not simply justified by our origins but by our country’s versatility. Naples is elegant and refined, the heart of the Italian haute couture; Milan is dynamism and practicality, with an essential and fearless spirit; Bologna is unconventional and loyal to a stand-alone style that is always a surprise. Rome is vain, eye-catching, pure passion, suspended between an endless story and an innovative pride. Our best selection of the Italian offering is embedded in Kimika, BL.11, Vestopazzo, Fred Mello, Sseinse, Poetica, EBJ, You Decide.

On the website you can find a wide range of products, from bijoux to T-shirts, from bags to shoes, from bathing suits to jackets. Products research aims to meet the needs of whoever wants to dress up with style and keep pace with the last flows. We are guided by the vocation of offering our customers high-quality products at an affordable price.

Thanks to our proposals, you can simply enrich your look or completely reinvent your style. Thanks to our large selection of items, we regularly create tasteful total looks. You can find our suggestions on a dedicated section of our website.

Every single item is conceived so that it can be combined and matched to create an outfit in step with the needs of your everyday life: for the world of work, leisure or special occasions. Live every moment of your day with the most suitable outfit!

On our website you can find a choice of products from a to z, useful tips to dress up on multiple occasions. With us it becomes easier and easier for men and women to find the desired outfit! Recently we have entered the fashion world of children, dress them up with style too!

You can find us on the most used social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Follow us to keep current and discover new arrivals, event dates, weekly released photo shootings with new outfits and much more.

You can easily buy on our online shop; we have implemented a HTTPS protocol and a SSL security certificate to protect your purchases.

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