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The category “Foulards” encompasses a large selection of fashionable scarfs by different brands. We believe foulards have a great potential and that they are coming back to be super fashionable! We have a great range in order to let our clients choose between many possibilities. We never want to say no to them! Foulards can give your outfit a retro style and make you look a queen from the 50s! Be remarkable with our selection! Foulards can be very useful during seasons change to prevent you from getting cold. You can wear them around your neck and be as healthy as a horse during the first days of autumn. Foulards could be used as hair bands too! Give your hair a bit of dynamism and colour! We have a lot you can choose from! Foulards can be used as necklaces too. In this sense they can be used to complete a plain or simple outfit. Pick up your favourite in our selection! The foulard is an accessory every wardrobe must be filled with. Foulards give your outfit a touch of personal taste and can be used during every season. What we advice you is having three or four foulards. In this way you can create many combinations and always have the right accessory depending on the degree of formality of the occasion. Foulards can be chosen sur ton which means that they have the same colour or at least the same shade of your outfit. This option can be very refined and classic. Another possibility suits anyone who wants to dare a bit. We have contrasting foulards too. You can chose the one whose colours are the most different from the rest of your outfit. This gives you great dynamism and originality! Dare with our products! Foulards can be used as belts too or alternatively as bracelets. Foulards are the product with one thousand possible uses. Try our Webstore and buy your favourite!
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