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In Melissa Agnoletti's catalogue you can find some umbrellas too. Do you live in a rainy city? Do you have to face rain quite often? If rain often keeps you from your flirty outfits and ruins your shoes our umbrellas are perfect for you! Forget the ugly black umbrellas you use to keep under your desk and buy a chicer one on our Website! Surfing our Website you can find a great variety of patterns, all nice and funny! Choose your favourite and make rainy days brighter. Did you know that in the first place umbrellas started their lives as shelters from the sun? This is where their name comes from since umbra is the Latin name for “shadow” suggesting this precise role. It appears in ancient images from different geographical areas as a symbol of power and in some cases divinity. Stop thinking at umbrellas as boring items and start having fun with them! They can be used as the most versatile part of your outfit since you can give character to your look with them! Choose a super coloured one and get spotted on the streets! When summer comes to an end it is very likely that rain suddenly surprises you. Try shelter under one of our umbrellas and do not get stopped by the rain. Imagine how wonderful cities can be if filled with colourful umbrellas. Be part of this romantic picture! Don't get damp from head to foot because of cheap umbrellas! Choose one of ours, well resistant in windy weathers too! They have been selected to keep off raindrops so that you can avoid getting soaked. Our prints are hilarious and you will definitely find the one that perfectly matches with your personality. So stop considering umbrellas as simply functional tools and start seeing them as accessories! Our umbrellas are available in little sizes so that you can bring them everywhere with you and avoid being surprised by the rain! Buy now!
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