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Cardigans and Shirts

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Shirts are a very important part of any woman’s wardrobe. They are associated to a professional look but they can be chic if worn under a blazer with skinny jeans or when tucked into a slim skirt. If there is no doubt that shirts are perfect for the working hours we assure you that they look just as perfect in a more casual environment. In other words do not think of shirts as something you can only wear when you are an adult with a full-time job! They can be worn in a more relaxed way and they actually look good with a lot of things. Shirts are a piece of clothing everyone should have in their closet. Are you lost when you have to pair your shirts and create some good-looking outfits? Leave your shirt untucked, pair it with skinny jeans, and choose some flats. It is a very comfy outfit that still looks super put-together! Another idea is to tuck your shirt into a maxi skirt and highlight the waistline with a thick belt! Otherwise you could wear your shirt under a sweater letting the collar, sleeves, and bottom peak out creating a bon ton look. Keeping the shirt loose on boyfriend jeans looks super feminine if paired with lots of jewels and some heels. Do not give up wearing shirts during the cold season too! Keep warm in a cropped sweater by layering it over! Create a particular style by wearing a long shirt over a skirt but ting it in front like so to still showing the skirt! Cardigans are always a very good idea too. Cardigans come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and prints, but all cardigans are not created equally! Waist-length cardigans should be worn with fit dresses or high waisted skirts. The hem of the cardigan should not go more than a few inches past the waist band! Oversized cardigans should be worn with the skinniest pair of jeans or leggings! So in case stay away from boyfriend trousers! Find out more!
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